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Plenary with Graphic Novelist, Arigon Starr

Arigon Starr (Kickapoo) is a multi-hyphenate creative force–recording artist, actor, playwright, graphic novelist, illustrator and more. She uses music, theatre, and the graphic arts to tell stories about contemporary Native America. Author and illustrator of the superhero series Super Indian, Starr’s work effortlessly blends humor with commentary.

Visit Arigon’s website, Super Indian Comics, to get your copy of the following titles:

  • Super Indian Volume One (2012)
  • Super Indian Volume Two (2015)
  • Super Indian Special Limited Edition (2019)

WLA Business Meeting

The Executive Council invites all members of the Western Literature Association to the 2020 business meeting.

Your active participation in the business of the association is integral to our continued longevity as an association. During this meeting we discuss nominations for the Executive Council and begin the voting process, discuss upcoming conferences, and report the outcomes of the annual Executive Council Meeting.

Thank you for attending the conference. Your participation helps us to continue to build a vibrant community of teachers and scholars that we cannot take for granted.