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Graduate Students at the WLA

Special Program Highlights for Graduate Students

Past Presidents’ Address – Written by Co-Past Presidents SueEllen Campbell and Alex Hunt and Presented by Alex Hunt

Public Face West: How to Find a Wider Audience and Why We Might Oughta

Plenary with DAA Honoree Stephen Graham Jones

Fiction author Stephen Graham Jones has written over 20 books including Mongrels, Ledfeather, and more recently, The Only Good Indians and Night of the Mannequins. His novels reflect his experience growing up in west Texas and contain a distinct horror-tinged note that crosses and blends genres in inventive ways and include topics as far ranging as basketball, elk, and Elvis.

Stephen recommends that you support a local bookstore by using We recommend the following titles:

  • The Only Good Indians (2020)
  • Night of the Mannequins (2020)
  • Mongrels (2017)
  • Ledfeather (2008)

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